Chevrolet Camaro GT3 – AC

Potência: 615 cv
Torque: 85.4 kgfm
0-100 km/h: N/D
Peso: 1365 kg
Versão: 1.0
Ano: 2011

Créditos: Chem-Flummi

Original Link: (Google Drive)
Mirror Link:

2 thoughts on “Chevrolet Camaro GT3 – AC

  1. Max 6 de abril de 2023 / 21:05

    Hello there..
    There is a reason why I packed both cars together so please take down the mirror link.
    In addition to that you can attach the pdf files thah are needed for skin creations with the car to the post too, it can help many people.
    Yours ChemFlummi

    • Brasil Simulator Mods 7 de abril de 2023 / 09:00

      Hello my friend, I will remove the mirror. Can you send me the PDF file? Thank you very much for developing the car

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